Risk Management in Logistics & SCM
Course: 03-04/03/2018
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Risk Management in Logistics & SCM
(Duration: 12 hours)
Including basic knowledge of risk, risk classification and processes in managing and dealing with risks in Logistics/SCM. This module presents not only risks in general but also risks in outsourcing and providing logistics services. Various examples from domestic and foreign companies operating in Viet Nam will be analyzed. Matrix of risks and solutions/testing, evaluating, handling will bring participants of this Module a useful tool to support their own operations. This is an important module to those who are among leaders in companies involving in international trading, the MNCs. Not only are knowledge of supply chain, its importance to international investments provided, but a clear understanding of the relationship among SCM, competitive advantages, marketing, international trading services is presented as well. Technique of effectively setting and managing a supply chain is one of this course’s objectives.
Certificates – diploma:
Certificates are issued by VIL, recognized nationwide.
School fee:
1.800.000VND/module, including studying documents, Tea-breaks and luncheons.


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