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Supply Chain Management and Logistics yet is still a rather new management asset in Vietnam, companies are more and more realizing its usefulness, considering it as one of their competitive factors in doing business as well. Today, the word “optimizing” can be found in any successful story of a company. Effectively implementing Supply Chain Management & Logistics knowledge can help to achieve goals.

Moreover, that the term “Supply chain management” has appeared more and more frequently may lead to a conclusion that this term is clear understood and implemented. However, in the reality, the access to SCM is different from companies, and even among managers in one company. Some managers have realized that their company still lacks of some competitive competencies, necessary for the company’s success. One of these competencies is the clear understanding of Supply chain management.

ALA - The Australian Logistics Academy has been realizing this matter for a decade and been working with various organizations in Australia to help them develop different skill as well as master the personnel issue in supply chain management by its international, hands-on training programs. Students and graduates from these programs can continue their studying at universities of the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

The Australian Logistics Academy was formed in the 1990’s for the purpose of providing training and education to advance Logistics and Supply Chain Management practices in Australia and the region. It continues to grow as a professional organisation for Logisticians and plays a major role for Members and the business community by providing access to quality management information, resources, practical education and business networking.

After the first success of the program as well as the increasing growth of supply chain among Vietnamese companies in recent years, ALA has joined in a partnership with Vietnam Institute of Logistics (VIL) in Việt Nam. One of the advantages of this cooperating program is that students in Việt Nam can enroll in any on-line courses of ALA and ask for support at any time. VIL has become the pioneer and the single ATP of ALA in Vietnam, offering Diploma & Advance Diploma courses in Supply Chain Management & Logistics program.

The program, conducted by lecturers from Australia, has the similar or lower fee than one in Australia. This training model has been successfully developed in Singapore, Malaysia, and India for eight years, and Vietnam is among its potential successful candidates.

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